A botanist or a singer or someone in the arts.

My name is Autumn. I really enjoy plants and nature and animals. When I grow up I either want to be a singer or a botanist (one who works with plants and nature) or a personal counselor. My passions are working with plants and people. I like helping people with things and giving them advice when they need it whether it’s with school or relationships or anything. A personal trait I think I have is my way of life and like the way I think about just how I want to live my life. I know you only have one life to live, and to do everything you want to do to make sure it’s the best life you get, so why not just go for whatever you think is impossible or whatever people say you can’t do, and do it. I also think I’m pretty good at talking to people about their personal lives, like if they need advice or help with something, I’m a good listener and take my time to make sure that they are ok and feel better when they talk to me.

  • Salesian College Preparatory, Freshman
  • Current GPA: 3.5
  • Grammar School: St. John the Baptist School

College Aspirations

My goal is to attend a school that offers a great program in the arts, or in music, once I figure out what exactly I want to do. I have been in love with plants and nature since I could crawl and my love has just grown for it ever since. Music as well. I am a massive music lover and I feel it is a big help to me because it is a way for me to get out my emotions and make myself feel better.

Favorite courses

My favorite courses are Science and when I have music, music will definitely be one of them. I find science fun and interesting because you kind of get to look at things and the world through a different lens. I find music fun and quite therapeutic to me because if you write music, it’s a way you get to express your emotions through words or an abstract way of word choice to maybe write music only a few may understand or music that just makes you happy.

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