Accomplisher. Follower. Supporter.

My name is Brandon Flores and I am a student who seeks to participate in many events. I am currently a Freshman at Archbishop Riordan HighSchool and I’m enjoying my time here in my 1st year. I am currently in the band and will be continuing in the band next year. I have participated in some clubs at ARHS and look forward to be involved in more clubs and events next year. I speak both Spanish and English but I am open to learn other languages. I would like to learn some French and Portuguese if possible. I look forward to having a great time here at Riordan and in the next three years.

  • Riordan High School, Sophomore
  • Current GPA: 3.2
  • St Peter SF

Accomplishments, Life Experiences, Proudest Moment

I have accomplished becoming a trumpet player for one year. I have never played an instrument before in my life. My proudest moment would be when I had my first concert with my first instrument I have ever played.

Favorite book

To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee. This book is my all time favorite book. It is just interesting how the controversy was in the past about racism.

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