Dr. Genesis Sanchez.

Hi, my name is Lionel and I am a student at Archbishop Riordan High School. My current G.P.A is a 4.0. My passion is baseball and boxing. I am currently on the JV baseball team at Riordan playing first base. My favorite player of all time is Albert Pujols. I am fluent in Spanish but I still have trouble writing it. My best trait is that I am a good listener. I listen to everyone about anything they want to talk about. I also love to make new relationships with different people because I am a friendly person. My values in life are having a strong relationship with my family and friends. I also value helping people in my community.

  • Saint Mary’s College High School, Sophomore
  • Current GPA: 3.65
  • Elementary School: Saint Paul’s School

Favorite teachers

My 7th grade English teacher, my 9th grade algebra teacher, and my current geometry teachers have influenced me to do the best that I can. All these teachers have taught me that hard work pays off and that I should also ways do the best that I can. They have encouraged me to continue working diligently and to always be curious about things.

Accomplishments, life experiences, proudest moment

My proudest moment was when I got straight A’s and one A- on a report card. It made me realize how much I can accomplish. More importantly, it fueled me to continue trying my best in everything that I do. It helps me understand that hard work will always pay off.

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