Dr. Hernandez.

I live in San Francisco, I am fluent in Spanish and presently studying French. Two of my favorite classes are mathematics and biology. I would like to become a pediatrician but I also want to do something related to mathematics. I feel proud of belonging to a community like Mercy because it not only prepares me intellectually but also spiritually. One of my major goals is to become someone who is able to contribute something positive to our world, and to become a daughter who is able to return a little bit of all the things my mom has done for me. She is my hero, motivation and inspiration because she has done a lot of things for me and I hope that some day, she’ll feel proud me.

  • Mercy High School, Sophomore
  • Current GPA: 4
  • St. Charles School

Heroes/Role models

The person who I definitely admire is my mom. She is a single mom who has worked every single day just to help me and support me. She has taught me how to become someone with values and encourage me eevery dayto not give up on my dreams.

Favorite courses

My favorite courses are Advanced Algebra and Biology.

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