A Career as an Engineer.

Hello, I am Saul Cuevas-Landeros. I have been to Mexico about 9 years and I am a fluent Spanish speaker. Spanish is the first language I learned, and I am proud of having learned. I am also dedicated to trying to advance as much as possible in my education. This summer I will be taking an Accelerated Honors Geometry class to advance in my math level. I am very friendly and even volunteer at the UCSF Children’s Hospital. I take books around for children to read and take home.

  • St. Joseph Notre Dame High School, Freshman
  • Current GPA: 3.57
  • Elementary School: Saint Elizabeth Elementary School


So far, one of the biggest accomplishments in life was graduating middle school and being the class valedictorian. Being the class valedictorian was a big accomplishment because I was able to give a speech to my classmates about all our experiences together. It felt good knowing that all of us got along and we were happy with the high school we were going to. Now at SJND, I feel happy with who and where I am.

Favorite courses

My favorite courses are Spanish and Math. I like Spanish because I can exercise my Spanish and it is taught well. Even if I am a Native Spanish speaker, I learn a lot in the class. I also like Math because I hope to be an engineer. I am not one hundred percent sure if that is what I want to do, but for now, that is what I hope to be.

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