Dr. Thai (Pediatrician).

A high school student invested in Academic Studies, developing the necessary tools for future ambitions. I am very proud of my Asian culture and have a passion for helping others, especially in leadership roles. Also very organized with an aptitude for solving problems.

  • Immaculate Conception Academy, Freshman
  • Current GPA: 3.67
  • St. Charles School

Heroes/Role models

Beatrice Prior – Although she is a fictional character in a series of books, I still see her as a role model. The strength and bravery of her character inspires me to do my best everyday to express my individuality.

Favorite teachers

Mr. Poling – My eight grade teacher who taught me valuable life lessons from experience. One thing he has taught me that I have already used in high school is that, I shouldn’t join a club just because all of my friends do, I have my own passions and if they are not the same as my friends, that is perfectly fine. Mr. Leach – He is currently my Ancient History teacher. He is one of my favorite teachers because he relates the past to the present. By being in his class, I have learned the origins technology that is used today. For example, I learned that before there was GPS, explorers used a tool called an astrolabe.

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