Believe in yourself and you will overcome anything.

This has been my first year at Saint Joseph high school in Alameda. It has been a good start with many obstacles. This year I have brought my personal values and established great friends and a good network of school support in learning. I have been able to collaborate more in Art class , not only in my own art work, but also in peers and group settings. Spanish class has been a new experience and I am now able to use more of the language at home. I’m able to communicate better with close family members and friends. I’m proud to have developed strong relationships with classmates and some teachers. It’s nice to have the support I need when I need help in a subject or just to receive suggestions and input in general. I look forward to continue the rest of my freshman year.

  • Saint Joseph Notre Dame, Freshman
  • Current GPA: 3
  • Grammar School: Saint Elizabeth Elementary

Heroes/Role models

I look up to my grandmother. She has many characteristics that are similar to mine. She has accomplished many things and has a steady job. I like the fact that she is not afraid to try new things with everything in life in general.

Accomplishments, Life Experiences, Proudest Moment

I’m very proud to have met great the required grades needed to enter into the high school of my choice. It was a difficult journey but it was possible in the end. I have learned many things along my way and have met many great teachers.

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