We support hundreds of exceptional students

Bay Scholars makes it possible for promising under-resourced students to receive an empowering, change-making education. We financially and personally support Bay Area families that cannot afford the high school education they want for their children.

$10 million in Scholarships

Bay Scholars has disbursed over $10 million in Scholarships, providing access to private college prep education for hundreds of deserving students.

2,880 Scholarships awarded

Each $3,500 annual scholarship closes the gap between what our families can afford and the financial aid available at their school, making a private college prep education a reality for our Scholars.

1000+ students aided

1000+ students who have been able to access a life-altering education.

455 Students graduated

With a 100% college matriculation rate, Bay Scholars alumni attend private, public, large and small colleges and universities where they will continue their educational journey.

And we want to achieve much more!

We envision three areas of growth that will ensure a gateway to college and beyond to all of our Bay Scholars.


  • Award at least $1,000,000 annually in scholarships
  • Increase the number of scholarships awarded each year


  • Strengthen and build our recruitment base
  • Broaden our geographic reach to the entire Bay Area


  • Find Scholarships for Bay Scholars so they may attend Bay Area Colleges and Universities
  • Assist our Bay Scholars in college placement in Bay Area Colleges and Universities