Making college-prep high school a reality

Bay Scholars exists to make it possible for promising low-income scholars across the Bay to have access to and flourish at successful private college preparatory high schools.

Our 4-year scholarship makes college-prep high school education a reality for our scholars.

What our program is all about

We seek out young scholars who shine academically, engage actively in society and demonstrate outstanding promise and a willingness to give back to their communities.

We understand that many Bay Area families face complex challenges to give their children a college prep high school education. It is essential that our Bay Scholars possess an internal passion and have the unconditional support of their families, teachers and administrators.

We invest in our Bay Scholars because we believe they are the future of their communities and the Bay Area. We want our Bay Scholars to be our future donors.

The success of our Bay Scholars resides in a multi-dimensional web of human relationships, from scholars and their communities to dedicated educators and proactive donors.

We believe each of our scholars has a unique capacity to transform and improve their own communities, to be active change-makers.

Our Bay Scholars team is now equipped to actively accompany our scholars from freshman through senior year. We will meet with our scholars and their families on a regular basis throughout the school year.

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